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  • Stress and Module 5

    I’ve always known the ramifications and implications of living a stress filled life. As a result of being enrolled in three classes (the norm is two per module), I can tell you first hand; stress can make or break you.

    My fifth module in the EMBA program is over! The module included classes such as Macro Economics, Investments and Statistics. Well, I felt like a third derivative in a third world country that was risk averse to the financial market(s) and had a high probability of success or failure based on the infamous coin toss (the crap shoot) 50/50. Well, I made respectable marks but more importantly, I survived with all my mental faculties in place.

    Albeit the module was incredibly stressful as the work load was quite substantial, my professional work and family life did not take a hit (I was determined to not let that happen). All in part due to some pretty good organizational skills I have acquired over the years. I had some moments whereas I wanted to scream out loud and I did, of course in private…oh for someone else to have been a fly on the wall…! I cussed at books, paper, pencils, pens, my desk, my desk light, my dic*tion*ar*y and constantly ran my fingers through my hair. Yes, I goggled many terms, read many articles offline and text books that I thought I had retired all in an effort to understand terms like WACC, Momentum Strategy, The Euro, What Countries belong to the European Union, Which countries have little confidence in banks and why, Linear Regression, Tstats, Pvalues, Confidence Intervals…is your head swimming yet?

    Word to the wise:

    1. You will survive
    2. Focus
    3. Stay organized (invest in binders with tabs and highlighters of many color varieties)
    4. Take care of yourself and eat properly, exercise daily
    5. Listen to good music to reset your brain
    6. Stay away from movies or television programs that will over stimulate you
    7. Talk to a friend or family member who will understand
    8. Stay away from negative people
    9. Be encouraged
    10. Stay strong

    And know that, “This too shall pass”.

    All the best,
    Bridgette C.-Lewis

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