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  • Looking Forward to Something 'New'

    Well, it’s almost been a year with my team and we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. We are friendly but our dynamic of working together …not so good. What is the upside, we will remain good associates but we will be moving on to a new project with some different people. The other ‘New’ is the China Capstone project! This is our chance to put all that we have learned thus far and interject some real life work experience in the project dynamic and make it a success.

    My take away from August:

    Corporate Finance or Financial Management was an amazing learning experience with Professor Heitor.
    His keen knowledge as it relates to a firms financial structure is amazing!
    As a result of this class (which is my ‘New’), I actually understand Ratios, NPV, EPS, Hedging Strategies, Mergers and Acquisitions, when to Invest in a firm and what type of investment strategy is best. Additionally, I understand how foreign countries impact financial decisions and how a firm could circumvent an averse capital risk.
    Thank you Heitor!!

    Marketing Management

    …oh the marketing simulation called Markstrat. On the onset of this simulation, I thought, ‘how silly’! Once I learned and began to analyze the numbers and the strategic dynamic, the simulation came to life and took on ‘New’ meaning. I learned a great deal relative to infusing creativity with marketing and business strategy. Additionally, I managed to understand and relate course concepts to real life marketing. The value-add for me was old things can become ‘New’ if you continue to polish your skill set. Thanks to Professor Aric, I was able to walk away from Marketing Management with a level of objectivity and clear wit.
    Kudos and Many Thanks to Professor Aric

    Cannot wait to receive the China Capstone Project next month!

    There is always something to look forward to in this program.
    Plan to work and work the plan…until next month…

    All the Best,

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