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  • Calling all Entrepreneurs!

    This module is for you.
    This particular module is a virtual candy store for students who are looking at starting a business or partnering with an existing firm. Moreover, there may be some of you who are contemplating the cost/benefits of starting or running a business. If this is the case, you will be immersed in an environment of creativity, objectivity and astute business planning.

    Let me talk a bit about Mr. Paul Magelli.
    Not only is it an honor and a privilege to have him give instruction and impart wisdom to us students but he is a live rolodex, a linked in of sorts! Where else can you find a guy who is as dedicated to the entrepreneurial initiative (as it relates to energizing and stimulating the US economy) besides entrepreneurs themselves? Additionally, he is dedicated to a broader scale of learning business on a global scale and platform. It is very rare in life’s experience that you will meet and interact with such a dynamic individual. I encourage any and all future students to take advantage of his wisdom and learn as much as you can. And by all means ‘get connected’, take advantage of his unique and valuable ‘rolodex’

    As if that is exciting enough, the program takes advantage of another highly enthusiastic Professor, Raj Emchambadi. Raj instructs ‘Advanced Marketing’, through strategic innovation management analysis. You will view existing firms and your potential new company in multi-dimensions. Every creative fiber in your being will conjure up new innovative ways to grow a business. Further, you will find innovative ways to co-exist in convergent market space and make a profit. Raj also writes the academic blog for the EMBA. He is incredibly accomplished. As you try to curb your level of enthusiasm make sure you pay close attention to his delivery. You won’t want to miss a single session, so plan accordingly.

    My entrepreneurial experience:
    I have had the pleasure of succeeding and failing at several business ventures. I have always moonlighted. I am a workaholic. I love the fundamentals and the reward system of business ownership. I especially love the challenge of making it happen, I love balancing and hedging risk. I love creating opportunity for others ‘jobs’.

    What I have decided:
    I need to enhance some of my firms existing business model(s) and improve my current innovative strategy as it relates to my growth initiatives. Additionally, I have decided to move a new business initiative forward. I am looking forward to all the possibilities that will come from the planning, hard work, dedication and progress.

    My hope is that you will be filled with all the opportunistic possibilities that await you in this module. Take advantage of each one of them and embrace your inner entrepreneur. You may be the next ‘Google’, ‘Apple’, or the next ‘Neiman Marcus’. Three cheers to you as a successful entrepreneur!

    All the Best,

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