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  • Innovation

    Innovative Leadership involves balancing multiple perspectives while dealing with uncertainty. While synergy and inclusion is of paramount importance, leadership must facilitate how ideas are brought together… thus, broadening the range of ideas. Additionally, an effective leader recognizes change is inevitable and innovation is the dynamic that will keep a company moving forward. Stagnation comes about when an organizations culture never changes. Surprisingly, an organizations core support mechanism is driven by complacency and comfort. In other words, don’t rock the boat.

    Effective leaders are not opposed to risk and will rock the boat! An effective leader knows how to balance risk and benefit maximizing the opportunity at hand. e.g. If marketing proves the potential success of a viable product based on consumer demand, the leader should embrace and support the product to the extent a diverse, cohesive team can balance the goal of the product and the company vision.

    Entrepreneurial vision plays a key role along with team empowerment and incentive structure to get things done. The Leader then, is involved relative to strategic growth opportunity, support and successful revenue progression. As a result, an innovative product will have better chances of survival and market success.

    The following things must be measured, monitored and prepared for:

    … And don’t forget politics and the minimization of politics.

    Be prepared to weather the storm and plan ahead for adversity. E.g. global and domestic market changes. A savvy leader can sift through bureaucracy, politics and get things done expeditiously. As your core product may keep the door open, innovation will put you over the top. Seek diversity, inclusion, synergy and excellence 

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