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  • Capstone Project! Project on...

    So, we (as individual EMBA students) bid on the various corporate projects made available to us. The projects are all unique involving a key issue at the said corporation.

    The outcome:
    Some of us were lucky enough to be rewarded with the Capstone Project of choice, while others were not. None the less the teams were assembled and we have embraced our new and final project/challenge.

    A Capstone Project is a work that;
    Demonstrates mastery of some focused educational content. The project is specific toward solving a particular problem or issue. The process is intensive and requires significant preparation, planning, coordination and implementation. The project challenges each team participant to demonstrate and share their respective knowledge and leadership skills. The project will showcase the tools learned in the program (e.g. EMBA).

    Thus, everything that has been learned for the past 12 plus months will be compressed into one concise project for a company’s use.  Some of the companies have indicated they will pilot the programs we create! Project on…

    The difficulty is, time, team coordination, and team participation.

    Seemingly, all the projects are EXCITING!!!

    What an opportunity to be able to put all that one has learned in one complete project…
    If you have the opportunity to take on a Capstone Project in the future or are currently engaged in one, be mindful of your project Scope and

    Always remind yourself to:
    - Be Patient
    - Don’t take anything personally
    - Have a Great Attitude
    - Develop a team timeline with key milestones
    - Stay on top of your research and Be Prepared
    - HAVE FUN!!!!

    When I first started this EMBA program, I could not see the light. It has been a very busy time for me with work, family and school, yet somehow I’ve managed! To date there are 6 class sessions left, the light is getting brighter and brighter… and as always, I would not take anything for my journey. This has truly been a life changing experience. I’m headed in the direction of changing the world. I hope you will join me.

    All the BEST,

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