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  • Greatness

    "Be not afraid of greatness: Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them."

    - William Shakespeare

    My fellow colleagues and classmates, the time has come to embrace new beginnings and take on a new journey. Our past journey of sharing academic experience(s) and business war stories (filled with innovative best practices) has set us on a path to Greatness.

    As our Dean of the College of Business- Larry DeBrock implied during our convocation ceremony, it is up to us MBA graduates to go out in the world and figure it out. We have been trained to the extent that our knowledge base has become one that is full of innovative consciousness.

    Innovation is a necessary means to an end. The end is growth, sustainability and profit. We must embrace the challenges and the opportunity of today. In doing so, we will make the world better tomorrow. We possess the power and knowledge to “Figure it out”.

    We are UIUC Colleagues.
    We are UIUC Alumni.
    We are Family!

    As UIUC Alumni and Family, we understand the importance of networking and the power of influence. It is through networking that we may gain additional insight that can benefit us in the quest to move world market growth initiatives forward...no matter how large or small the enterprise. The ideology is to make an impact for a greater good.

    What we do as MBA’s matters.

    Thus, colleagues- we are the future movers, shakers and decision makers!

    Greatness resides in all of us and we are made better each time we are challenged to ‘figure it out’.

    All the Best,
    Bridgette C.-Lewis
    EMBA Class of 2013

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