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  • Meet the 2012 Panhellenic Council President Michelle Rothesier

    Post #2 of the Panhellenic Council President, Michelle Rothesier...

    1-      Tell us a little bit about yourself?

    Hi! My name is Michelle Rotheiser and I am the current PHC president. I am a junior in Advertising from Northbrook, IL and a member of Chi Omega. 

    2-      Why you are looking forward to leading your council in 2012?

    Upon entering college, I knew very little about Greek life. I had no idea what to expect and had doubts that being a part of the Greek system would be something that I enjoyed. But my experience has been the complete opposite and I have learned so much about myself, the system itself and the university. I am looking forward to leading the Panhellenic Council to give back to the Greek system that has already given me so much and to allow current and future new members to understand the impact Greek life at Illinois can make.

    3-      What is your vision for your council and/or the greek community in general?

    For Panhellenic Council, I hope to see more collaboration with organizations outside of the council itself - including the other Greek councils, and big student organizations not tied to Greek life. I want to continue building a positive image of PHC. I also hope to see the Greek community as a whole work together with the larger campus community to help improve upon the lives of all students on campus.

    4-      Can you provide a preview for spring semester programs your council is working on?

    Our first Panhellenic event which we are all very excited about is coming up quick! It is happening on January 23 and will be featuring the film Miss Representation which is part of a campaign serving to empower women about ceasing the misrepresentations women face in the media. Check out the trailer on YouTube: In March, we will be working with IFC to put on "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" as a kick off for sexual assault awareness month. Keep a look out for other PHC sponsored events in February and April too!

    5-      How do you believe your council contributes to the overall campus community?

    Panhellenic Council is a large force of a lot of powerful women. PHC has the power to have a huge impact on its own members, members of the other Greek councils and people on campus outside of the Greek community. With such a large Greek system at the University of Illinois, PHC has a strong presence on campus. Check out this great video created by the National Panhellenic Conference that I find especially empowering -


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