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  • Meet the 2012 Black Greek Council President, Anthony Sullers

    1.Tell us a little bit about yourself?

    My name is Anthony B. Sullers Jr. and I am the Black Greek Council President and the Vice Basileus (Vice- President) for Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc; Pi Psi Chapter. I am a Junior majoring in Community Health with a focus in Rehabilitation Studies. I am also an involved member of the African Cultural Association as well as the NAACP: UIUC Chapter. After receiving my BA, I plan on pursuing a degree in Occupational Therapy.

    2.Why are you looking forward to leading your council in 2012?

    I finally get to work together with many of my friends while we all are representing our perspective organizations but still in the sense of doing it together as a unit.

    3.What is your vision for your council and/or the Greek community in general?

    With the Black Greek Council, I plan on seeking further ways of showing that Greek Unity can be an amazing element in working toward the similar goals of each of our respective organizations. I am trying to show that not only are we able to work together but that we are able to have fun in the process as well.

    4.Can you provide a preview for spring semester programs your council is working on?

    At the moment, I feel that BGC is very established when it comes to representation on campus in both terms of service and social events. This semester, in addition to our first Union Party, BGC Week, and Step Down, our council will be working diligently to further establish ourselves in the community. We want to come up with more ways to provide service to the community so that we can better live up to the Black Greek Council motto.

    5.How do you believe your council contributes to the overall campus?

    Many of the individuals that are in one of our chapters are campus leaders. Because of this, we as Black Greeks understand that we have to show our campus that we are capable of portraying both the hard work and dedication that is needed to be involved as well as help them to realize that they too can become a leader on this campus. 

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