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Creating a World Beyond Poverty With Clean Water For All

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Safe Global Water Institute and Environmental Engineering & Science Program
1310 Newmark Civil Engineering Lab
Sep 12, 2013   12:00 pm  
Bartlomiej Jan Skorupa CEO of Groundwork Opportunities (GO), and Peter Luswata CEO of Uganda Rural Community Support Foundation
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GO and URCSF are not-for-profit organizations focused on creating a world beyond extreme poverty by empowering community leaders to find solutions to their own problems through thriving social networks of support. Their vision is a world in which every human being has access to clean water, healthy food, basic education, affordable healthcare, and a home to live in, where every person, rich or poor, has the power to create opportunities for themselves and for others. Bart Skorupa and Peter Luswata will discuss their collaborative successes in Uganda and how they are en- abling global participation to foster the local change needed to end the existence of extreme poverty in our lifetime. For more information, see:

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