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Center for Advanced Study
Knight Auditorium, Spurlock Museum; 600 S. Gregory Street; Urbana IL
Oct 29, 2014   4:00 pm  
Stathis Kalyvas; Arnold Wolfers Professor of Political Science, Yale University
Free and Open to the Public
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Center for Advanced Study

What Varies and What Does Not Across Civil Wars: Comparing the Greek Civil War to the Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria

On their surface the Greek Civil War and the recent Middle-Eastern conflicts could not be more different: the first was a contest between communities and anticommunists whereas the latter are motivated by conflicting visions of modernity built around religion and the meaning of Islam. Yet, a slightly deeper prope into these cases points to some striking parallels, ranging from the impact of foreign occupation, the importance of external factors, and the role of revolutionary organizations. The aim here is to use the Greek Civil War to provide a counterintuitive interpretation of contemporary Islamist insurgencies.

Hosted by: Modern Greek Studies

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