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Music, Jews and Globalization

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Center for Advanced Study
Center for Advanced Study, 912 W. Illinois Street, Urbana IL
Nov 17, 2014 - Nov 18, 2014   9:00 am - 5:00 pm  
Free and Open to the Public
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Center for Advanced Study

Since the mid-nineteenth century, transformations in communications and technology have accelerated the pace of encounter and exchange between musical cultures. Participants in this workshop will come together in order to share disciplinary perspectives on the reshaping of musical life brought about by these changes since the late nineteenth century, concentrating on the many-sided involvement of Jews as musicians, musicologists, and entrepreneurs in the modern world.  The work aims to bring together approaches from multiple disciplines for mutual enrichment and critical reflection; participants will be encouraged to contribute a broadly reflective talk that will lead to discussions of issues of general interest.

Invited workshop participants include:


Philip Bohlman (Musics, University of Chicago)

Annegret Fauser (Musics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Lars-Christian Koch (Music, University of Cologne)

James Loeffler (History, University of Virginia)

Bruno Nettl (Music, Emeritus, University of Illinois)

Michael Steinberg (History, Brown University)

University of Illinois faculty will serve as moderators or commentators.


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