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The Red Godesses of Cahokia

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Museum of the Grand Prairie
Museum of the Grand Prairie
May 18, 2014   2:00 pm  
Dr.Thomas E. Emerson, Director and State Archaeologist,  Illinois State Archaeological Survey
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Dr. Emerson’s presentation will focus on the description and symbolism associated with a series of detailed, exquisitely carved red stone, primarily female figurines from the Cahokia area of southwestern Illinois that date to the 12th century A. D. The figurines project a range of themes including the Underworld, regeneration, and fertility through the depiction of female deities, plants (vines, flowers, and fruits), serpents, and mythical underwater monsters. Dr. Emerson and colleagues have conducted research into the source of the rare, spatially restricted stone (known as flint clay from eastern Missouri near St Louis) used to manufacture these figurines.

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