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US-Russian Relations after Snowden and Sochi: Reset II or All Downhill?

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World Affairs Council of Central Illinois
Brookens Auditorium
Feb 24, 2014   7:30 pm  
Robert Goeckel
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After the tensions of growing authoritarianism and policy disputes between Presidents Putin and Bush over Iraq and Georgia, first-term President Obama sought to "reset" US-Russian relations under President Medvedev. But with the return of Putin as President in 2012 - despite economic problems and a remarkable democracy movement - and the new challenges over Syria and Ukraine, what are the prospects of a Reset II?  As great powers, the US and Russia both confront a foreign policy agenda that is very broad.  On many of these issues, there seems to be limited basis for joint action, but in several areas – non-proliferation, terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, and energy/trade – there seems to be some mutual interest that might serve to sustain US-Russian cooperation.

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