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News Channel 20; The State Journal Register; 98.7 WNNS
Sangamon Auditorium, UIS
Mar 4, 2013   7:30 pm  
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Sangamon Auditorium

TRACES combines awe-inspiring acrobatics with infectious urban energy in this thrilling modern brand of circus infused with the energy of a street performance. The artists of TRACES employ every trick in the book -- from music, dance, and illustration to skateboarding, basketball, and high-risk acrobatics -- to make a lasting impression. TRACES is spectacularly anti-spectacle, relying instead on the fantastic abilities of the performers, individuals who appear to be nothing more than a group of friends, just as easygoing, affable, and potentially clumsy as the guy next door -- until they unlease ninety minutes of heart-stopping acrobatics and unbridled energy that leave audiences breathless and exhilarated.

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