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Understanding Law School Financial Aid

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University of Illinois College of Law and Pre-Law Advising Services
Law Building (504 E Pennsylvania Ave), Room A
Apr 1, 2013   5:00 - 6:00 pm  

Part 2 of our Financial Aid Series! With so many different aid offers from various law to do students choose? Julie Griffin, Assistant Director of Financial Aid at the College of Law, and Donna Davis, a current 2L and Pre-Law Advising Graduate Assistant, are here to walk you through it! Ms. Griffin and Ms. Davis will show you what a law school financial aid offer looks like and demonstrate how to evaluate aid packages and make fair comparisons among schools. In addition, they will discuss budgeting while in law school, and they will share helpful steps that students can take to reduce law school loans and find more grant opportunities. This session is designed for all students planning on law school and is not specifically geared towards U of I's College of Law. Registration is not necessary for this event.

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