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ANS Student Conference

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NPRE and American Nuclear Society at UIUC
Pittsburgh, PA
Apr 6, 2017 - Apr 10, 2017   All Day
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All are encouraged to attend, even if you are not presenting! More info: here.

Sign-up: here.  Early registration ends March 1.

Dispelling Nuclear Myths

Nuclear power plants are among the safest, most affordable, and environmentally friendly option for powering millions of homes around the world, yet negativity surrounds the industry. We believe that a critical aspect in the growth of the next generation of nuclear engineers will be having the knowledge to combat these misconceptions. By having the running theme of Dispelling Nuclear Myths we hope that throughout the conference’s panels, technical sessions, and professional development events the current image of nuclear can be further developed. We look forward to the conference this year and hope to see you in attendance.

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