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Peacebuilding in West Africa: Looking for Answers

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Center for African Studies. Co-sponsors: Departments of African-American Studies, Anthropology, French, Political Science and Religion; ACDIS; Center for Global Studies (US Dept. of Education Title VI Program); IPRH; IPS, Social Dimensions of Environmental Policy (SDEP). Supported by U.S. Institute of Peace Public Education Peacebuilding Support Initiative.
Levis Center
Mar 11, 2013   9:00 am  
Scott Straus, University of Wisconsin; Gregory Mann, Columbia University; Susanna Wing, Haverford College; Maimouna Barro, Illinois; Tim Wedig, Illinois; Tom Bassett, Illinois; Carol Spindel, Illinois; Abu Bah, Northern Illinois University
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9:30-10:30- Session 1

"Patterns of Conflict and Post-Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa” by Scott Straus, University of Wisconsin

10:30-11:30- Session 2 – The Case of Mali


“Mali 2013: Building Better Problems” by Gregory Mann, Columbia University

“The Case of Mali: The Bumpy Road to „Legitimate‟ Government in Mali” by

Susanna Wing, Haverford College

11:30 –12:30 - Session 3 -- Lessons from Senegal and Rwanda


"Women Organizing for Peace: Lessons from West Africa" by Maimouna Barro, Center for African Studies, Illinois:

“Finding the Future in the Past: Post-genocide Reconciliation Narrative in Rwanda”

by Tim Wedig, LAS Global Studies Program, Illinois                                       


1:30-2:30- Session 4: The Case of Cote d’Ivoire

“What Matters Most for a Lasting Peace in Post-Crisis Côte d’Ivoire?” by Tom Bassett, Geography, Illinois

“Dialogue, Truth and Reconciliation: Conversations with Ivorians About „Pardon”

by Carol Spindel, English, Illinois

2:30-3:30 – Session 5: Summary and Future Research Agendas


Abu Bah, Northern Illinois University.

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