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Public Calligraphy with Shozo Sato

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Japan House
2000 S. Lincoln Avenue, Urbana, IL
May 7, 2017   1:00 pm  
$15-Students; $20 Tomonokai; $25 Public
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Calligraphy class shares the same purpose as tea ceremony, flower arranging and other cultural introductions that give greater focus to Zen philosphy. Chinese ideograms or kanji have been used by nations in Asia since ancient times. In practicing the writing of the ideogram, eventually one becomes aware that this is the foundation of graphic design. Active empty space is in contrast to multiple strokes in a composition. This is especially important when using a brush and sumi ink because the effect of the quality of line is a totally new experience. This is a class for beginners and intermediates and will meet at various dates throughout the semester. Please see the schedule and sign up through Eventbrite here on our website.

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