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Nano Electronics and Photonics Seminar - "Dipole Instabilities in AlGaN/GaN Heterostructures and the Direct Generation of Millimeter-Wave Oscillations"

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1000 MNTL
Oct 12, 2012   12:00 pm  
Prof. P. Doug Yoder, School of ECE, Georgia Tech
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Negative differential drift velocity in wurtzite GaN has been verified experimentally, yet in spite of the wealth of documented theoretical investigations of GaN-based Gunn diodes, not a single such device has yet been demonstrated.  The likelihood of realizing GaN-based k-space transfer devices is reassessed in light of recent theoretical modeling.  A new physical mechanism is proposed for the generation of dipole instabilities in wurtzite III-nitride materials, entirely unrelated to the Gunn effect.  State-of-the art numerical simulation demonstrates the direct generation of millimeter-wave signals exploiting traveling dipole domains in the plane of a polar heterojunction upon which a simple triode structure is superimposed.

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