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Identity Theft Protection – What you need to know to avoid becoming a victim

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University Library
The workshop will be held in the Main Library, Library 314. Take the north stairwell (Armory and Wright Street entrance) to the 3rd floor of the Main Library and make a left at the top of the stairs.
Oct 24, 2013   12:00 - 12:50 pm  
USFSCO Student Money Management Center,
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Savvy Researcher Workshops - University Library

In the course of the day you may charge tickets to a concert, or write a check at the pharmacy, call home on your cell phone, or log in to your favorite social media website.  You may throw out an old utility bill, take money out of the ATM, or apply for a credit card.  Chances are you do not give these routine transactions a second thought, but someone else might.

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America, affecting half a million new victims each year.  Be proactive and avoid becoming the next easy mark.

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