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TEM User Group Webinar: Airfare, T-Card & Contracted Travel Agencies... Why must we use them?

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OBFS Training
Mar 27, 2013   1:30 - 2:30 pm  
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To register, please go to the TEM Registration page and click on the course name on the left.

Contact: Kathy Tuggle   217-333-5976
Instructor(s): TEM Staff

University Payables will host an online “TEM: User Group Webinar” on the fourth Wednesday of each month. These sessions will provide system users with tips and tricks, process reviews, and topic-specific discussions derived from user concerns and questions. Users may email additional topic suggestions, questions, and concerns to The deadline for submission is 2 weeks prior to each webinar date. University Payables will review submissions and distribute an agenda prior to each webinar.

The TEM User Group is not a training session. Please go to the TEM Resource Page for “Just in Time Training” Resources. You may also register for a TEM Post Go-Live Lab for “hands-on” processing assistance.

The TEM Resource Page:

A Webinar is a presentation that is given over the Internet and you will hear the audio portion by calling into the conference phone number provided or by listening via your computer speakers. You will not have to go to another location or leave your desk. If you would like to ask a question on-air during the Webinar, you can use a microphone or telephone to communicate your question. Otherwise, you can use the chat box to send comments and questions to presenters.

Space is limited and we are asking individuals within the same office to arrange for a conference or meeting room in their office area and share one registration. The necessary equipment includes a computer with Internet access and a speaker or conference style phone with the mute option. Depending on the number of individuals in the room, a projector may also be helpful in displaying the Webinar presentation. If you are able to make these accommodations, please send an e-mail to the address above as to who holds the registration and who will be joining them. This will assist us with tracking participants.

Please note that registrants will receive a confirmation message from the GoToWebinar system. It is recommended that you register ahead of time. GoToWebinar will send a reminder e-mail one day prior to the event as well as one hour before the event. This message will contain the connection URL and the teleconference number for the Webinar. It is recommended that attendees log in approximately 5-10 minutes before the start of the session in order to allow enough time for software configuration if you have not used GoToWebinar before.

If you have registered for a session of this Webinar but have not received the connection instructions by its start time, please contact a member of the OBFS Training Team at 312-996-2045 or send an e-mail message to the OBFS Training Team.

For information regarding system requirements and common issues, please review the following websites:
System Requirements for PCs or Macs
Download the Launcher File on Macs
Common Issues When Joining Webinars on PCs

For questions regarding scheduling, registration, or course materials contact the OBFS Training Team at


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