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Lean Startup Conference Live Stream

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EnterpriseWorks and Research Park
Dec. 9th EnterpriseWorks Conference Room 130, Dec. 10th Conference Room 220, 60 Hazelwood Drive
Dec 9, 2013 - Dec 10, 2013   11:00 am - 3:00 pm  

Join Research Park employees watch a live stream of the Lean Startup Conference on Dec. 9 & 10 from on 11 am - 3 pm both days. The 2013 Lean Startup Conference helps entrepreneurs learn from each other. Brimming with founder stories you’ve never heard, fresh case studies and in-depth expert advice you can use the day you get home, the conference delivers advanced lessons in entrepreneurship. This year’s event has key sessions for corporate entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, educators, government staff and growing startups.

The event is free, but rsvp is required to participate.  Please click on the link provided to rsvp.

For more information on the conference please visit

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