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Seminar coordinator: Prof. Jeff Trapp (jtrapp at


Investigating the impacts of cold air outbreaks over the Gulf Stream on the meriodional overturning circulation and Arctic Ocean inflow using POP2

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Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Room 114 of the Transportation Building
Apr 2, 2014   3:00 pm  
Sara Strey, Graduate Student, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Illinois

Simulated changes in ocean currents in the North Atlantic as a result of cold air outbreak (CAO) activity over the Gulf Stream using the Community Earth System Model (CESM) version 1.2.0 versions of the Popular Ocean Program (POP2) and the Los Alamos CICE models are investigated. During CAOs large ocean-to-atmosphere heat and moisture fluxes occur, thus altering the temperature and salinity of the surface currents. This two part study further explores the impacts of CAO’s over the Gulf Stream and compares those with the impacts of warm air. The first part investigates the effects of three extreme cold years compared with three extreme warm years, while the second investigates repeated cold year forcing versus repeated warm year forcing.

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