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Medium & High Energy Seminar: "Precise measurement of electron antineutrino disappearance at Daya Bay Experiment and beyond"

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Medium & High Energy Physics
Loomis Lab Room 464
Apr 29, 2013   1:00 pm  
Jiajie Ling, Brookhaven National Laboratory

The phenomenon of neutrino oscillation has been well established. Daya Bay experiment has successfully discovered the last unknown neutrino mixing angle theta13 through the observation of electron antineutrino disappearance from reactors at kilometer-scale baselines. The neutrino oscillation has enter a precision era. The modest size of theta13 makes the determination of neutrino mass hierarchy, the demonstration of CP violation and precision measurement of CP phase in the lepton sector to be possible. In this talk, I will talk about the latest results from Daya Bay experiment and discuss the next generation neutrino oscillation experiments.

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