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Engagement in a World Without Bodies

Event Type
ECCE Speaker Series
Brookens Auditorium
Apr 24, 2014   7:00 pm  
Richard Gilman-Opalsky
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Dr. Gilman-Opalsky discusses the emergence of a new mind-body split in the evolving contexts of cognitive labor and a cellular social life. The eight-hour workday has been replaced by a maximal-length workday, the workday of the wakeful state. The conscious energy of students and workers is increasingly available to friends, family, teachers, and employers with an expectation for 24-hour open access. A new regime of life and labor moves society toward a system of disembodied brain activity, which relegates the body to a kind of sensory-sexual apparatus that only requires basic maintenance.A world without bodies is the profitable realization of a capitalist dream to overcome the physical boundaries of production. But, how do such developments in forms of life impact human dignity, freedom, and community? Gilman-Opalsky argues that dignity, freedom, and community are fundamentals of a good life, and therefore, that these questions matter to all of us.

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