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Getting organized with Mendeley

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University Library
Main Library - Library 314
Feb 6, 2013   3:00 - 3:50 pm  
Seth Robbins, Scholarly Commons
Please register - Reminders sent the day before the workshop
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Savvy Researcher Workshops - University Library

Are you looking for a way to organize, tag, annotate and share your PDF's and research papers? Mendeley is an online tool that will allow you to index and create a database that includes citation information for easy retrieval. This workshop will get your started in using Mendeley right away so that you can worry more about the content of your research and less on the organization of your research.

  • Introduction to the software program, Mendeley
  • Get started with creating a bibliographic database
  • Generate citation lists from your database
  • Learn how to share your research collection, publically or privately


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