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Sudden Sound Concert: NGO Nakatani Gong Orchestra

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Sponsored in part by the Edwards Foundation Arts Fund, Analog Outfitters, and Krannert Art Museum with in-kind support provided by WEFT, 90.1 FM
KAM Gelvin Noel Gallery
Mar 13, 2014   7:30 pm  
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Directed by acoustic sound artist and percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani, NGO is a non-traditional music orchestra delving into the rich harmony of multiple gongs. Featuring ten local performers who learn Nakatani's specialized bowed gong and conduction techniques, NGO concerts immerse listeners in the wide sonic spectrum of resonating gongs.  Created in 2011, after ten years of solo performance and collaborations throughout the world, NGO has been presented in over 50 venues.  This performance will also feature a solo performance by Tatsuya Nakatani. [To participate as a performer in this concert, please contact Jason Finkelman at]

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