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Visualizing Your Data

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University Library
The workshop will be held in the Main Library, Library 314. Take the north stairwell (Armory and Wright Street entrance) to the 3rd floor of the Main Library and make a left at the top of the stairs.
Apr 9, 2014   3:00 - 3:50 pm  
Mark Wardecker, Reference Librarian,
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Savvy Researcher Workshops - University Library

Are you having trouble crystallizing your research results into effective images? When Excel's bar graphs and pie charts are simply insufficient, there are more powerful tools which can make your data sets pop and sizzle. This workshop will demonstrate just a few of the things that can be done with freely available visualization software.


  • Introduction to IBM's Many Eyes ( and its 20 visualization options
  • Visualization of text and other qualitative data sets
  • Use of the free Gapminder software ( to present global trends
  • Lists of intriguing information design resources which can get you thinking creatively about data presentation

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