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Sabbatical Reports due

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College of Fine + Applied Arts
Mar 27, 2014   5:00 pm  
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Welcome back from your sabbatical leave, I hope that you found the time away rewarding and productive.

The purpose of sabbatical leaves is to provide faculty uninterrupted time to concentrate on their creative work and research; returning to campus with a sense of accomplishment that will impact all they will do in the next few years.

As you are aware, upon completion of your sabbatical leave you are required to submit a summary report of your accomplishments that is reviewed by the unit executive officer and dean prior to being forwarded to the Chancellor. According to the sabbatical guidelines the report must include the following:

•A description of sabbatical activities;

•Information on where the sabbatical occurred, including travel; and

•An explanation of the significance or usefulness of the sabbatical activities to the faculty member and the field of study

The report should be no longer than three pages. It is imperative that you make sure your report includes all the required information as you risk having the report returned to you for edits should the information be missing. The required cover sheet can be found at:

For your guidance a sample of a well written sabbatical report is attached. In reviewing this report you will see how the required information is included in a concise, informative manner.

The report is due to your Director by 27 March. It is always best to get this task done early in the semester, if possible.

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