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An Evening with Randy Borman, Chief of the Cofán Nation

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Oak Park Library
Oak Park Library, small meeting room, second floor 834 Lake Street, Oak Park
Dec 2, 2013   7:00 - 8:30 pm  
Randy Borman
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Believe it or not, Chicago and the Amazon Basin are intricately connected.

Come learn about the wisdom of the jungle and what we must do to preserve the

vitality of indigenous life.

Randy Borman was born in the Cofán village of Dureno and grew up hunting,

fishing, speaking Cofán and living as any young Cofán does, while

simultaneously learning English and “western” values from his American

missionary parents. His education has been a mix of ancient Cofan knowledge of

the forest and jungle life with a western academic education.

Randy is visiting the U.S. and Chicago on behalf of the Cofán Nation. He will

discuss the Cofán Nation, the rain forest, its role in the larger ecosystem, and

threats to that system, such as oil exploration and mining.

The Cofán Nation is a small indigenous tribe in northern Ecuador. The tribe

controls vast ancestral territories containing some of the most biodiverse rain

forest on the planet. Illegal settlers, miners, oil companies, and others have

increased the danger of deforestation of the one million acres of forest protected

by the Cofán Nation. Please see for more information.

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