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ECE Colloquium (ECE500): "Time-based signal processing techniques to improve analog integrated circuit performance"

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151 Everitt Lab
Oct 17, 2013   4:00 pm  
Prof. Pavan Hanumolu, UIUC
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ECE ILLINOIS Distinguished Colloquium Series

Aggressive scaling of CMOS technology over the past several decades has greatly benefitted digital circuits and facilitated integration of a large number of functions on a single chip. But such scaling has a detrimental impact on analog/mixed-signal circuit performance due to the reduced signal swing, increased leakage, reduced intrinsic gain, and increased variability. Time-based circuit and signal processing techniques that leverage the scaling benefits offered by nano-scale CMOS technologies offer a great potential in the design of scalable, robust, and energy efficient mixed-signal circuits. In this talk, several time-based signal processing techniques to mitigate analog circuit imperfections will be presented. Prototype integrated circuits demonstrate that these techniques enable the design of some of the best-reported mixed-signal circuits ranging from high precision analog-to-digital converters to high power DC-DC converters and low power sensors.

Pavan Kumar Hanumolu is an Associate Professor in the ECE department at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Prior to coming to Illinois he was an Associate Professor at the Oregon State University, Corvallis. His current research interests include high-speed, low-power I/O interfaces, digital techniques to compensate for analog circuit imperfections, time-based signal processing, and power-management circuits.

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