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PRESENTATION ON POSTDEVELOPMENTALISM: Reconfiguring Difference in Early Childhood Education

Event Type
Curriculum and Instruction
242 Education Building
Mar 5, 2013   11:00 am - 12:30 pm  
Dr. Mindy Blaise, Hong Kong Institute of Education
May Xiong
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Dr. Mindy Blaise, Hong Kong Institute of Education, will address “postdevelopmentalism,” a term she uses to cover a range of perspectives that explore new ideas taken from alternative teaching practices in both the Western and “other-than Western” parts of the world. She draws upon academic disciplines such as feminism, queer theory, cultural studies, the sociology of childhood, and Asian inter-cultural studies to reimagine the international field of early childhood education.

She’ll cover how she is working with postdevelopmentalism to reconfigure difference in early childhood research, teaching, and program development. Her post-developmental project is located firmly in practice and investigates two key areas that challenge dominant understandings of childhood and inclusion:

1. Reconsidering binary thinking, such as girl/boy; child/adult; nature/culture; subjectivity/objectivity; east/west; etc. This logic tends to fix subjectivity and hinder understanding difference in terms of multiplicity and potentiality; and

2. Working with and creating methods that recognize relationality as a significant and political part of knowledge production. 

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