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CyberGIS Speaker Series - Charlie Catlett, Argonne National Laboratory

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CIGI Lab - Department of Computer Science - DURP - GGIS - SESE - Illinois Informatics Institute - NCSA - Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
NCSA Building - Room 1040
Dec 10, 2012   1:00 - 2:00 pm  
Charlie Catlett

Computational Urban Sciences: Opportunities in Chicago and Beyond |

Traditionally, urban data has been historical and course-grained, enabling only general questions of the form "what should have been done 10, 20 or 50 years ago?" New data sources today can enable questions of the form "what should we do now," provided that appropriate computing and data analytics capabilities are applied. Data streams published by the City of Chicago have catalyzed an expanding community of entrepreneurs, academics and companies to develop applications and services. Concurrently, various organizations including the University of Chicago and the City of Chicago are using a combination of sensitive and public information sources to analyze the city for different applications and on different timescales. Catlett will provide an overview of interdisciplinary urban science projects and opportunities related to the application of computational sciences to understanding cities.

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