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Brian Jefferson - Dispersed Enclosure: Place- Based Policing & Geographies of Social Disorder

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Geography and Geographic Information Science
Room 219 Davenport Hall
Oct 11, 2013   3:00 - 4:00 pm  
Brian Jefferson

Dr. Jefferson’s colloquium will explore the role New York Police Department (NYPD) policies have in creating and reproducing conditions of spatially concentrated social disorder. He draws on discourse analysis of NYPD “quality of life” and “zero tolerance” platforms to highlight the department’s implicit, area-specific objectives when managing low-level disorderly behaviors. Dr. Jefferson also analyzes precinct deployment and summons data to illustrate the effect these policies have in reorganizing the city’s geography of social disorder. He demonstrates the socio-spatial impact of these policies through his theory of dispersed enclosure, or, the process in which they define, relocate, constrain and selectively seek out “disorderly persons” in a geographically uneven manner. Jefferson’s findings are intended to expand criminological “crime of place” studies that portray spatial concentrations of deviance as invariable products of localized culture, environmental conditions, or purely macroeconomic factors, by specifying how crime control policy mediates topologies of disorder.

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