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Brenda Parker - Reproduction...Amplified: Race, Gender and Everyday Urban Life in Milwaukee

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Geography and Geographic Information Science, Urban and Regional Planning
219 Davenport Hall
Oct 18, 2013   3:00 - 4:00 pm  
Brenda Parker - University of Illinois, Chicago - Urban Planning and Policy Program
free and open to the public

This talk presents research on gender, race, and urban governance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Specifically, I focus on the daily lives of poor African-American mothers during a decade of dizzying neoliberal reforms.  Drawing upon anti-racist feminism and social reproduction theories, I discuss four issues.  First, race, gender, and poverty deeply filter women’s labors and experiences.  Second, women work through and against institutions like prisons and rely on complex strategies to ‘get by’ under neoliberalism.  Third, neoliberal policies and discourses have eroded sparse government supports, while women’s labors have intensified. Finally, social reproduction—the labor that sustains communities and households—is deeply embodied, with critical consequences for health and well-being.

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