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TSS Seminar: Pierre Moulin: "Robust Fingerprinting and its Applications to Content Identification"

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Information Trust Institute
3405 Siebel Center
Nov 9, 2011   4:00 pm  
Pierre Moulin, University of Illinois
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Information Trust Institute


The problem of automatic content identification arises in a variety of applications, including management of user-submitted content websites, broadcast monitoring, content tracking, and interactive advertising. This talk will overview a basic architecture for such systems, based on the extraction of robust hashes from the signals of interest (images, video, audio). These robust hashes, aka fingerprints, are very short bitstrings that uniquely identify the signal (even in the presence of perceptual distortions) and whose structure can be exploited for fast decoding. We will describe the fundamental signal-processing, decision-theoretic, and information-theoretic concepts.

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