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ITI Distinguished Lecture: Bill Worley: "Genuinely Secure Systems"

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Information Trust Institute
B02 Coordinated Science Laboratory
Feb 28, 2007   4:00 pm  
Bill Worley of the Secure64 Software Corporation
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Secure64 Software Corporation has developed a micro-OS called "SourceT." SourceT was designed from the ground up to provide the foundation for systems with a strong set of security properties. Such systems are called "Genuinely Secure." The Intel Itanium architecture for the first time provides capabilities that enable a genuinely secure system. The talk will define and discuss the properties of a genuinely secure system, the innovative uses of unique Itanium processor capabilities, and the synergy with other emerging trusted system directions.

A related white paper entitled "Eliminating Malware and Rootkits: Six Essential Characteristics of a Genuinely Secure OS" is available on the ITI Distinguished Lecture Series home page at

Reception to follow in 301 CSL.


Bill Worley is a system architect. He is the CTO of the Secure64 Software Corporation; a retired HP Fellow, Chief Scientist, and Distinguished Contributor; and former Commissioner of the Colorado Governor's Science and Technology Commission. He holds MS degrees from the University of Chicago in Physics and in Information Science and a PhD degree from Cornell University in Computer Science.

At Hewlett-Packard, Dr. Worley directed the team that developed the PA-RISC architecture. He later directed the development of the PA Wide Word architecture, the foundation for the HP/Intel partnership that led to the Itanium 2 microprocessor family. Prior to joining HP, during 13 years with IBM, he contributed to architectures for mainframes, storage systems, and IBM's first RISC architecture. In the years prior to his retirement from HP, Bill focused on hardware and software architectures for secure systems. Following retirement, Bill joined Secure64 Software as a co-founder and CTO. Secure64 has developed a multi-core platform control system, including a queued, asynchronous network stack, which fully exploits the security capabilities of the Itanium architecture. This foundation is inherently secure by design, self-defending, high-performance, and scalable. It will feature growing capabilities for integrated defensive countermeasures and applications executing under securely supported guest operating systems.

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