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TSS Seminar: Nick Multari: "LANs in Aircraft, Including Safety and Security Issues and Initial Acceptance Criteria"

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Information Trust Institute
4405 Siebel Center
Mar 28, 2007   10:00 am  
Nick Multari of Boeing
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This talk presents work of Eric Fleischman, Randy Smith, and Nick Multari.

Boeing was awarded a competitive contract by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to study the safety and acceptance issues related to Local Area Networks (LANs) onboard aircraft. The current generation of aircraft has separate networks for aircraft systems and passenger internet services. These networks are "air-gapped," ensuring non-interference of flight systems. Next-generation aircraft designs, to reduce cost, improve maintenance, and enhance the passenger's experience, have proposed removing this air-gap, which theoretically connects all systems on the aircraft to external networks. The FAA expressed concerns related to the impact of such connectivity on flight safety. This presentation discusses the issues involved and presents the recommendations given to the FAA to reduce the flight safety impact.


Since 2004, Nick Multari has been the program manager for the Network Centric Operations Information Assurance Program. In this role, he directs and leads a group of professionals conducting research, development, and technology assessment in Information Assurance Technologies in support of validated Boeing Business Unit information assurance needs. He also works with government agencies, universities, vendors, and application developers to prototype new technologies, assess new products, and conduct pilot studies with internal customers and information system organizations, and plans for the transfer and deployment of the technologies. His group is involved in high-assurance computing and has a two-way high-assurance guard currently undergoing a Common Criteria EAL 7 evaluation. Nick's first position in Boeing was as the senior manager for Information Assurance within Math and Computing Technologies in Phantom Works. In that position, he helped his group identify and research emerging solutions and transition them to the enterprise and business unit programs as the Program Manager of Information Assurance within the Enabling Technology Program. Prior to joining Boeing, Nick spent 20 years as a computer scientist in the Air Force, retiring as a Lt. Col. In the Air Force, his positions ranged from system acquisitions to networking to computer security management. He then spent five years with a firm supporting the intelligence community in addressing information assurance issues. Nick has a bachelor's degree in Math from Manhattan College in NY, a Masters in Computing and Information Science from Trinity University in TX, and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin.

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