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TSS Seminar: Chris Grier: "Secure Web Browsing with the OP Web Browser"

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Information Trust Institute
2405 Siebel Center
May 16, 2008   11:00 am  
Chris Grier, ECE Dept., UIUC
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Current web browsers are plagued with vulnerabilities, providing hackers with easy access to computer systems via browser-based attacks. Browser security efforts that retrofit existing browsers have had limited success because the design of modern browsers is fundamentally flawed. To enable more secure web browsing, we design and implement a new browser, called the OP web browser, that attempts to improve the state-of-the-art in browser security. Our overall design approach is to combine operating system design principles with formal methods to design a more secure web browser by drawing on the expertise of both communities. Our overall design philosophy is to partition the browser into smaller subsystems and make all communication between subsystems simple and explicit. At the core of our design is a small browser kernel that manages the browser subsystems and interposes on all communications between them to enforce our new browser security features.


Chris Grier is a Ph.D. student in the ECE department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His research interests are in the area of computer security and focus on designing and implementing secure software systems. Chris's current research aims to provide client-side security solutions for web platforms.

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