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CSE Seminar - "Modeling Nanopores and Nanochannels for Detection and Sequencing of DNA"

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Computational Science and Engineering
2240 Digital Computer Laboratory
Apr 10, 2013   12:00 pm  
Prof. Aleksei Aksimentiev, Department of Physics

Nanopores and nanochannels are convenient systems for detection and manipulation of single biomolecules as their geometry offers, in principle, the means to control both the conformation of biomolecules and the force the biomolecules are subjected to. In practice, however, neither the force nor the conformations of biomolecules are known, as the systems are too small to be imaged using conventional experimental approaches. In recent years, computer modeling and, in particular, molecular dynamics simulations have emerged as an alterative imaging method that can provide not only atomically precise descriptions of microscopic processes inside nanopores and nanochannels but also directly relate such processes to experimentally measurable observables.  This talk will summarize recent advances in modeling nanoscale transport systems, in particular our recent attempts to control the force on DNA in a nanochannel, detect the sequence of a DNA molecule by measuring the nanopore ionic current, and model transport of small solutes through nanofluidic systems that have sticky surfaces.

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