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CSE Annual Meeting Plenary Speaker - "Materials Genome Initiative"

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Computational Science and Engineering
1122 NCSA
Apr 24, 2013   9:00 am  
Prof. Ian Robertson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Part of the CSE Annual Meeting

The Materials Genome Initiative, announced by President Obama in June 2011, recognizes the importance of materials science to the well-being and advancement of society and seeks to integrate all components in the materials continuum, including materials discovery, development, property optimization, systems design and optimization, certification, manufacturing and deployment, with each employing the toolset developed within the materials innovation infrastructure. The innovation infrastructure recognizes the need to build communities, expertise and infrastructure in three interrelated areas ' computational tools, experimental tools and data. In each area, the vision is on development and application of next generation capabilities in and across all aspects of the materials continuum. The complexity and challenge of activities addressed by this initiative will require a transformative approach to the discovery and development of new materials, optimization and / or prediction of properties of materials, informing the design and manufacturing of material systems, and optimization of use in application. Success, deployment of new materials in applications twice as fast and at half the cost, demands a collaborative, synergistic approach between theory, computation, experiments and informatics. This in turn requires establishing cohesion between what are today disparate research communities. In this presentation, I will outline the challenges and opportunities created by this initiative.

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