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Furthering UNESCO's Millennial Goals Through Community Activism

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Center for Global Studies, Center for Advanced Studies, CHAMP, IFUSS, African-American Studies
219 Davenport Hall
Apr 16, 2013   12:00 pm  
Guy Djoken, Executive Director of UNESCO Center for Peace and Chairman of the US National Commission for UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations
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UNESCO Center for Global Citizenship

Guy Djoken is visiting Champaign Urbana in connection with the launch of the UNESCO Center for Global Citizenship. 

Mr. Djoken, a native of Cameroon, West Africa, came to the United States after his father, a political prisoner, was released from jail there and after he himself was warned by government authorities to tamp down his activism. These experiences have made him an ardent advocate for civil and political freedoms. 

In 2011 Mr. Djoken created the UNESCO Center for Peace, the flagship UNESCO Center in the U.S. working under the auspices of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO. The UNESCO Center for Peace is the model for the new UNESCO Center for Global Citizenship at Illinois.

Mr. Djoken travels extensively around the world, promoting the UNESCO mission of peace through cultural dialogue, intercultural understanding, tourism and sustainable development, and gender equality. He created the International Model United Nations Summer Camp, the Regional Model United Nations, the U.S. World Heritage Educational Tours (WHET) and the Distinguished Speakers Series. Mr. Djoken also is the Vice President of the State of Maryland NAACP.

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