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Teaching Model-based Principles to HCI Practitioners

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Wai-Tat Fu
3403 SC
Nov 27, 2012   11:00 am  
Craig Miller from DePaul University
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HCI Seminar

Teaching Model-based Principles to HCI Practitioners

ABSTRACT:  Human performance models, such as the GOMS Keystroke-Level Model (KLM), have been shown to successfully predict task completion times on interactive systems. Less reported is their actual use by HCI professionals. Starting with GOMS KLM and its variants, I will discuss their use in practice and some obstacles to their full adoption. Turning to performance models of web navigation, I present some challenges of extracting useful guidelines from the model that I developed. I'll then present findings from some of our recent studies evaluating various methods for selecting menu items, emphasizing our effort to create useful guidelines for practitioners. As I present findings, I'll share my experiences teaching these models to HCI practitioners in our masters program at DePaul.

BIO:  Craig Miller is an associate professor at DePaul University and currently serves as the chair for programs in Human-Computer Interaction and Interactive Media. With research interests in cognitive science, he has developed and applied cognitive models for information navigation, category learning and student learning in educational microworlds. His teaching includes courses on usability evaluation, user research and information architecture. He holds a doctorate in Computer Science and Engineering from The University of Michigan.

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