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Fred Rothganger & Antonio Gonzales

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University of Illinois, Department of Computer of Science
2405 Siebel Center
Feb 27, 2013   6:30 pm  
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Computer Science Corporate Visits


Sandia National Laboratories actively works in all domains of computer
science. One of our greatest strengths is large-scale computation, including
the development of new supercomputer architectures. We will give a broad
overview of CS work at Sandia. Antonio Gonzales will talk about some of the
challenging work in the field of remote sensing using synthetic aperture radar
as an example. Dr. Fred Rothganger will present an exciting new direction for
the “post Moore’s Law” era: brain-inspired computing. We are developing both
new hardware and new algorithms to provide energy efficient solutions to
difficult problems in data analysis and decision making.

Antonio Gonzales, Next Generation Monitor Systems
Dr. Fred Rothganger, Cognitive Modeling

Welcome to BS, MS and PhD students interested in computer science research.

Many positions open for internships,co-ops, postdocs, and full-time employment.

Food and Drinks Provided!

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