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Info Session: Crisis Diplomacy, PS 394 Summer Course Abroad in Vienna, Austria

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study abroad
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113 David Kinley Hall
Jan 29, 2013   7:00 pm  
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Come learn about the PS 394 Summer Course Abroad in Vienna "Crisis Diplomacy"!
Course Description: This course looks at selected cases from 1815 (the
Congress of Vienna) through to the present, in light of international
relations theory, to see how diplomacy works; what distinguishes crises
that lead to war from those that do not; and how various systems of global
governance (including those at work today) are constructed and break down.
All of the major wars are reviewed but the emphasis is on Austria and
Italy through the wars of Italian and German Unification and World War I
and World War II. Contemporary diplomacy is reviewed through an visiting
and  examining multiple international organizations.
The off-campus portion of this course will take place in Vienna, Austria,
from May 12 - June 9, 2013.
For more information, contact Prof. Vasquez <>
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