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Physics Colloquium, "Stretchy Electronics That Dissolve in Your Body"

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Physics Department
Jan 23, 2013   4:00 pm  
Professor John A. Rogers,  University of Illinois, Materials Science and Engineering,
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Physics - Colloquium

Biology is soft, curvilinear and transient; modern silicon technology is rigid, planar and everlasting.  Electronic systems that eliminate this profound mismatch in properties will lead to new types of devices, capable of integrating non-invasively with the body, providing function over some useful period of time, and then dissolving into surrounding biofluids.  Recent work establishes a complete set of materials, mechanics designs and manufacturing approaches that enable these features in a class of electronics with performance comparable to that of conventional wafer-based devices.  This talk summarizes the key ideas through demonstrations in skin-mounted 'epidermal' monitors, advanced surgical tools and bioresorbable electronic bacteriocides.

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