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ICMT Seminar: "When topology meets strong correlation"

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Institute for Condensed Matter Physics
190 Engineering Sciences Building
Oct 15, 2012   12:00 pm  
Kai Sun - University of Michigan
Originating Calendar
Physics - Institute for Condensed Matter Theory Seminar

The search for novel topological states of matter, where the quantum phase is characterized not by an order parameter but by some underlying topology, has been the focus of extensive studies since the discovery of the quantum Hall effects in two-dimensional semiconductors. From these studies, a unified understanding on the topological nature of weakly-correlated  band insulators has emerged. In this talk, I consider the topological states in strongly correlated systems. Two systems will be discussed: (1) Kondo insulators (heavy fermion topological insulators) and (2) fractional Chern insulator from topological flat bands. For the former, although Kondo insulators are strongly-correlated systems, their topological properties show no fundamental difference from weakly-correlated topological band insulators. In contrast, the latter is an example in which strong correlations result in new topological states beyond topological band insulators.



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[3] Ying-Hai Wu, J. K. Jain and Kai Sun, Adiabatic Continuity Between Hofstadter and Chern Insulators, arXiv:1207.4439 (2012)

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