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Graduate College Online Learning Symposium

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The Graduate College
Apr 2, 2013   All Day
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Online education has grown rapidly over the past decade, and has been embraced by a number of leading universities across the US.  Furthermore, recent advances in online technologies and pedagogy, and moreover, the rapid emergence of massively open online courses (MOOCs) across a number of platforms have begun to 'disrupt' the higher education enterprise, presenting new opportunities and new challenges.  Combined with the rising cost of higher education and the evolving needs for increased lifelong learning opportunities and associated credentials, this disruption will significantly affect the future of post-baccalaureate education.

Leading research universities must quickly adapt to develop and deliver the right balance of online vs. on-campus and free vs. paid courses, certificates, and graduate degrees, while maintaining their strength in residential research and new knowledge creation.  They must also consider other credentials, particularly to support just-in-time and life-long learning needs for the modern workforce.  The modern workforce has also been transformed by rapid advances in computing and technology, big data, and social networks, suggesting new approaches and new opportunities in the realm of online graduate education.

This workshop will allow thought leaders in the realm of online graduate education to discuss and debate contemporary issues facing leading research universities and to develop a vision for the future of the 21st century research university, including:

Sessions will include:

  • MOOCs and Graduate Education: 'Disruptive' Effects and New Opportunities
  • Pedagogy and Online Graduate Education: Recent Findings and Innovations
  • New Pathways for Graduate Education and Lifelong Learning:  Rethinking Degrees and Certificates and Envisioning New Credentials


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