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Special Seminar: "The impact of network structure on criticality in cortical circuits"

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Center for the Physics of Living Cells
144 Loomis
May 13, 2013   12:00 pm  
John Beggs, Associate Professor of Biophysics, Indiana University at Bloomington
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Physics - Physics of Living Cells Seminar

Cortical circuits have been hypothesized to operate near a critical point for optimality. Previous evidence supporting this came from bulk signals that did not show individual neuron activity. Using a 512 electrode array, we recorded up to seven hundred spiking neurons simultaneously and found two main things: (1) Avalanche shapes can be collapsed onto a universal scaling function, a key indicator of criticality; (2) The network structure of effective connections strongly influences dynamics. Cortical circuits not operating at the critical point may be associated with neuropathologies, so mechanisms maintaining critical network structure may be essential for neurological health.

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