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Book discussion with featured guest: Leslie Maitland, Author, "Crossing the Borders of Time: A True Story of War, Exile, and Love Reclaimed."

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WGGP and Gender and Women's Studies
Conference room at Gender and Women's Studies; 1205 W. Nevada St., Urbana
Oct 28, 2013   12:00 pm  
Leslie Maitland
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Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program (WGGP)

Leslie Maitland will discuss, in an informal lunch setting, the research and writing of her noted book, praised by critics as "a touching story about the odd collision of fate and will.  A poignantly rendered, impeccably researched tale of a rupture healed by time.” For the audience of WGGP, and other academic guests, she will discuss the historical research involved in her book, the role of women in the story, and her writing of a story that "spans the 20th century and cullmonates in the daring fulfillment of a pledge of love made fifty years earlier in a world torn by persecution and war. "

Biography: Author & Journalist Leslie Maitland

Leslie Maitland is a former award-winning reporter and national correspondent for The New York Times who specialized in legal affairs and investigative reporting. After breaking stories on the FBI's undercover "Abscam" inquiry into corruption in Congress, she moved to The New York Times Washington Bureau to cover the Justice Department. Among other projects since leaving The Times, she began extensive research for a non-fiction book about her mother's journey as a young woman fleeing Europe during the time of the Holocaust. A graduate of the University of Chicago and the Harvard Divinity School, she appears regularly on the Diane Rehm Show on NPR to discuss literature.

To learn more, please visit her website, lesliemaitland.com.

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